"It was soooo beautiful.

We could have listened forever." 

"Kate has established herself as a musical contact for the city of Dinslaken. Whether at our Feierabendmarkt series, the Late Night Shopping or the Mayor's Reception, it reliably offers exactly the perfect mix of acoustic music that our guests and visitors like. Her voice impresses and remains in the memory long after the event. She succeeds in inspiring and touching people - whether with cover songs or her own pieces. At the end everyone sings along and has an unforgettable evening. We'll definitely book Kate again and look forward to seeing Kate again."


Svenja Krämer, Head of Economic Development of the City of Dinslaken

"Wir hatten einen wunderschönen musikalischen Nachmittag auf unserem Sommerfest mit Kate und ihrem Cajonisten. Die Performance hat sich sehr gut in die vorhandenen Gegebenheiten eingefügt und unser Event in eine sehr angenehme Atmosphäre getaucht. Vielen Dank dafür! Für 2018 haben wir die zwei deshalb direkt fürs große Schützenfest verpflichtet."

Stefan Emunds, BSV Rheinberg

"We had a wonderful musical afternoon at our summer party with Kate and her Cajonist. The performance fits very well into the existing conditions and our event is immersed in a very pleasant atmosphere. Thanks a lot for that! For 2018 we have therefore engaged the two of them directly for the big shooting festival."

Katharina Krüll, Inhaberin Flurklinik Düsseldorf


"Kate was an inspiring addition to my birthday party. From the first minute she cast her spell over the guests. It is to be emphasized very positively that she incorporated song requests sent in advance into her program and played encore after encore with noticeably much joy of her own. I thank Kate for the great performance and her contribution to a very nice party!"


"It was a really great performance and it gave us a lot of joy? Great voice and very likeable artist."

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