KATE RENA is a power mix of German and English folk pop and modern country music.  Blessed with a unique, extremely versatile voice and a captivating stage presence, KATE tells us exactly the kind of stories we want and brings them to life in an impressive way.   

Behind the project is the singer-songwriter Kate Rena Fleming, who has been living in Düsseldorf since 2007. Sometimes cheerful and fresh, sometimes philosophical and melancholic, she presents imaginative and eloquent moderations that bring together a wide variety of themes and emotions in a single performance. So she presents her own songs in an overall experience that touches both heart and mind.  She also has her English debut album "First Steps Forward" and her German EP "Oben ist unten".


Since mid 2016 Kate has also been on the road as an event and wedding singer. She also plays living room concerts. Their cover repertoire is very versatile and ranges from Aretha Franklin, Tracy Chapman and CCR to Ed Sheeran, Chaka Khan and Dolly Parton. However, Kate manages to incorporate every song and make something very special out of it. 


Kate was born in Germany, but part of her family lives in Canada.

"For far too long I have written and sung in silence. After my business studies it suddenly clicked in 2015 and I realized that there must be more to life than career ladders.


My music is meant to strengthen the back of everyone out there who is looking for something. Besides the big emotions in life, my songs are often about self-reflection, the courage to stay true to yourself and to go your own way step by step; in my opinion the key to happiness.

On my way to this realization I realized that for me it means happiness to be able to give people something, to touch them emotionally with my music and perhaps to make the world a little bit better with what I do. The reactions I sometimes evoke motivate me to continue. This is a constant give and take and a pure gift!


Once you start, it's hard to stop. So I can't help it: As long as people want to hear me, I'll sing!"


- Kate Rena Fleming

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